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Marriage Counseling Manhattan Beach

Marriage Counseling Manhattan BeachDeciding if you need marriage counseling ┬ácan a big decision. Many people wait to go to couple’s counseling once they are on the verge of divorce. Marriage counseling can help to save your marriage, but a better time to call a marriage counselor is when you are not in crisis. The number one reason people call me for appointments with their spouse is because they are struggling with communication. They just don’t seem to be able to communicate effectively when they don’t see eye to eye. Or they do understand each other’s perspective but they disagree on the solution and don’t know how to compromise fairly.

A good marriage therapist can teach you effective ways to communicate so you both feel heard and understood. More importantly, a marriage counselor can teach you how to listen with empathy which helps you to feel more connected to you spouse. You can also learn the art of negotiation so that you can find solutions to your problems without fighting. The goal of good marriage counseling is to help you feel closer to your spouse before you feel you are in crisis. It is healthy and a great investment in your marriage to improve communication which ultimately improves intimacy and closeness.







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