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Coronavirus, Anxiety , and How Counseling Can Help

The media and the constant emails from the schools, organizations and sports leagues can create a lot of fear and anxiety regarding getting sick with the Coronavirus. Any time we feel like we don’t have control over something, it can create anxiety. Counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques can help you to focus on what […]

Why Date Night is so Important For Your Marriage

Written by Cathy Chambliss, LMFT One of the most common mistakes I see in couples coming in for counseling together is that they have stopped spending time alone together. Yes, this can be a huge challenge when you have children and one or both partners work. Free time is very limited between soccer games, homework, […]

When Should I Consider Getting A Divorce?

Getting a divorce is a huge decision, especially if you have children at home. Many couples start counseling because they don’t want to get a divorce and are looking for solutions to make their marriage better. Besides the fact that divorce is expensive, no child wants their parents to split up. Therefore, it is worth […]

How can therapy help me in my relationships? | Couples Therapy Hermosa Beach

Often times someone enters therapy because they are frustrated with the relationship they are in. They feel stuck and are not sure if they should stay or leave their partner. Couples therapy is a safe place to explore the feelings you are having in your relationships. It also helps you to examine your own behavior […]

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