Couples Therapy

A good relationship, it is often said, is not one without problems; it is one that can work through its problems.

Couple’s counseling can play a vital role in helping you to improve your communication so that you can work through your problems in a way that brings you closer to your partner instead of more distant. As your therapist, we will look at patterns that show up between you and your partner, as well as internal and external experiences that impact the relationship. Some of the skills that I teach couples to help them work through their problems are communication skills (listening and talking effectively), healthy conflict resolution, negotiation and compromise, coming up with solutions to problems together, creating more romance and intimacy, learning how to have the fun again as a couple, and improving trust if there has been an affair. I create a safe atmosphere for you and your partner so that we can explore the issues affecting your relationship and attempt to resolve them so that you can experience the love that once brought you together.