T.J. VanMarter, MA MFTI


I’m a motivated, person-centered therapist who specializes in treating a variety of mood and anxiety disorders, including depression, bipolar, phobias, etc. I have a specialty in working with young male teenagers and adults. Additionally, I work with athletes who wish to gain a mental edge in their respective sports. I assist them not only with the athletic component of sports, but also building life skills and setting them up for future success.

Contact T.J.:

Phone: (310) 293-6520

Tyler London, MA MFTI


I am a client-centered therapist that helps clients develop their most positive qualities and provide support for clinical issues. I specialize in recovery model care aimed at providing a safe place to explore addiction and improvement for psychological symptoms.

I studied Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Family Systems Therapy at Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology. Modality of treatment include recovery model, mindfulness based mediation, and Gestalt and Existential interventions.

In addition to drug addiction, I specialize in treating mood and anxiety related disorders, including bipolar and depression. I hope to provide clients a humanistic approached aimed at increasing awareness, mindfulness and acceptance. As a therapist, I aim to allow the client to be an expert in the room and find developing trust and rapport very important in the therapeutic process.

I love working with the local community, please feel free to contact me to have a brief conversation about availability to see if we are a fit. Overall, I want to be able to provide support and safe companionship to clients motivated to explore strengths and weaknesses in order to feel better.

Contact Tyler:

Phone: (310) 597-3447