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Marriage Works is hosted by Licensed Family Therapist Cathy Chambliss Manhattan Beach, California. This is a radio show dedicated to helping people improve their marriages. Being married can be challenging at times. People come into my office all the time and say , ” I love him/her, I’m just not in love any more.”

Marriage Works explores all the ways couples can feel closer, happier and have more intimacy in their marriages. Cathy covers topics like communication, conflict resolution, intimacy, sex, raising kids, the differences between men and women, taking care of yourself while being married, health, money, and many other interesting topics related to marriage.

She will be interviewing guests on a variety of topics related to marriage and self care within your marriage. If you have questions about your marriage that you would like Cathy to answer on her show, please email her at:

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Marriage Works with Cathy Chambliss, MFT