My Philosophy


Cathy creates a safe and comfortable atmosphere for couples and individuals to explore dynamics that are impacting their lives in a negative way. She uses humor, empathy, and honesty with her clients to help them reach their goals in counseling. She works collaboratively with her clients in approaching the problems with both understanding and compassion.

Cathy is trained in research based couple’s counseling techniques by John Gottman, Ph.D. She uses various interventions from his research to help couple’s achieve a higher level of emotional intimacy and love in their relationship.

Cathy also uses some of her training from Harville Hendrix Imago workshops when she teaches couples how to improve their communication and romance in their relationships.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused therapy is used with both individuals and couples to help them reduce anxiety and depression that may be affecting their lives negatively.

Cathy also has extensive background working with teens and adolescents. She was a previous middle school counselor for many years locally and has a clear understanding of the challenges that adolescents can have on both a family and teens. She enjoys creating a “safe” place for teens to explore their feelings and decisions during the roller coaster time in life.