How To Fall In Love With Your Spouse Again | Manhattan Beach Couples Therapy

By: Cathy Chambliss

Date: January 23, 2014

One of the most common remarks I hear from couples in marital counseling is, “I love him/her, I am just don’t think I am in love any more “. People some times think that these feelings are a reason to split up or to look for love somewhere else. What I have found as a therapist specializing in couple’s work it that these feelings can come back again if you are willing to put the effort and work into your marriage.

Couples, especially after they have children together, sometimes forget why they fell in love in the first place. They have sex less regularly, they don’t make time for alone time with each other, they stop doing thoughtful romantic acts, and they focus to much energy on their kids instead of each other. It is easy to do with the busyness of working and raising kids. However, it is a recipe for falling out of love.

One of the things that I teach couples in counseling is what to do to make their marriage a priority again. One night away alone together can do wonders for a couples especially if that will enhance their physical relationship. I have many other strategies that might seem like common sense , yet when couples spend the time doing them, their relationships go from loving to feeling in love again.

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