How Do I Know When to End My Relationship? | Couples Therapy Manhattan Beach

By: Cathy Chambliss

Date: March 19, 2014

Often times, I work with individuals trying to figure out if they should stay or leave the relationship they are in. As a relationship therapist, I cannot tell someone to stay or leave. It can be such a life changing decision to leave or stay in a relationship. However, there are three very valid reasons that one might consider leaving.

The first is any kind of abuse that is going on in the relationship. Physical abuse is completely unacceptable . Anyone being subjected to this kind of violence should make a plan to get out safely as soon as they can. Verbal, financial or emotional abuse is another reason to consider leaving the relationship However, if your partner is willing to learn how to communicate or handle their emotions through counseling, then it may be possible to stay in the relationship with a lot of work.

Another valid reason to consider leaving would be any kind of addiction that is not being addressed or worked on. It is very hard to have a healthy emotionally intimate relationship if you have a partner that has an active addiction. Fortunately , there are wonderful programs to support the spouse of an addict such as Al Anon. There are also twelve step programs to support most addicts in getting sober and learn how live a healthier life.

The last reason that many people consider leaving their relationship is when they have experienced infidelity. However, if your partner is willing to go to couple’s counseling to rebuild trust and to try to understand why they cheated, many couples can work through infidelity and have an even stronger relationship after counseling. If you have a partner that is a repetitive cheater, then it could be an addiction to love or sex and unless they seek treatment, it could be hard to ever trust them again.

All other issues in relationships can be worked through with effective counseling and a commitment to making things better.

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