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Why Empathy is So Important | Individual Therapy in Hermosa Beach

Cathy Chambliss | Individual Therapy in Hermosa Beach As  I lay here tonight trying to relax before bed, my mind cannot stop thinking about those 50 humans who were viciously murdered last night in the Orlando night club.  I feel overwhelmed with  sadness for their families and friends dealing with the loss of someone so […]

Marriage Counseling Manhattan Beach | Five Things to Think About Before you Cheat on your Spouse

Ashley Madison has been in the news a lot lately.  Someone hacked their site and thousands of men and women who had profiles on that site were at risk of being exposed causing great potential damage to many families. This articles discusses five things to think about before you cheat on your spouse . First […]

Marriage Counseling Manhattan Beach

When Is It Time to go to Marriage Counseling? | Marriage Counseling Manhattan Beach

Marriage Counseling Manhattan Beach Deciding if you need marriage counseling  can a big decision. Many people wait to go to couple’s counseling once they are on the verge of divorce. Marriage counseling can help to save your marriage, but a better time to call a marriage counselor is when you are not in crisis. The […]


Anxiety is a terrible feeling to have on a regular basis. Your shoulders tighten up, you heart may race, you might get sweaty and you feel fear all over. Although some anxiety is normal in situations that you feel afraid of, feeling anxiety on a daily basis is not. However, there are excellent treatment options […]

How Do I Know When to End My Relationship? | Couples Therapy Manhattan Beach

Often times, I work with individuals trying to figure out if they should stay or leave the relationship they are in. As a relationship therapist, I cannot tell someone to stay or leave. It can be such a life changing decision to leave or stay in a relationship. However, there are three very valid reasons […]

How can therapy help me in my relationships? | Couples Therapy Hermosa Beach

Often times someone enters therapy because they are frustrated with the relationship they are in. They feel stuck and are not sure if they should stay or leave their partner. Couples therapy is a safe place to explore the feelings you are having in your relationships. It also helps you to examine your own behavior […]